Create Template In DotNet

Microsoft Visual Studio Provided the inbuilt facility to create Template.I just Explain how to use that thing.


1) Create Simple Web Application ( with C#). now Open the File Menu and Check Whether Export Template Exist there.if Export Template Option there then skip the step2.

image ( Figure 1)

2) if the Export Template Option Not there then how to add that option follow the below steps.

2.1) Open the Tool Menu and Select the Customize Option.


2.2) below screen is Open when you click on the Customize File From Category.


2.3) select the Export Template from File and Drag that in to the File Menu.


2.4) now Export Template Option Is Available in to File Menu.


3) click on the Export Template option in file Menu. below screen is available. now there is two option either you create Project Template or Item Template. in Project Template whole existing project is covered. when you select the Item Template you select page(aspx) from the existing (current) project.


4) here i am select project template and press Next button.after that the below screen is available. give the template icon and template name. and press the finish button newly created template location is open close it.


5) now close this project and new Website at time you see the added project template that template new project is created.


6) how to add Item Template. same as above select the Export Template Option From the File Menu. and select the Item Template and press Next Button.


7) select the page from the list of pages. here i have only one the Next button.


8 ) select the item references from below screen and press the next button.


9) enter the template icon and name. press the finish button newly created item template path is open close it.close the project and open a new project.


10) select Web Site Menu and choose option Add New Item. the below screen is open. choose the item template and Add In to project.




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