1. After trying many thing. This was the solution.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks – works for me too!

  3. Thank you very much.

  4. You are great. It finally worked. Thanks.

  5. Arabinda · · Reply

    Many many thanks. Perfect solution.

  6. Saidibabu · · Reply

    Thank u very much

    for windows 2000 use WINNT in place of WINDOWS

    thanks again

  7. Thanks, this worked for me. One note.
    You can’t really tell since its underlined but its aspnet_regiis not aspnet regiis.

  8. Senthila · · Reply

    Thanks a lot. it worked. i was struggled a lot to make it work. this article was very much helped to sort out the issue. again thanks

  9. Sujith · · Reply

    Thanks.. It worked 🙂

  10. Nice! Worked perfectly.

  11. Thank you very much. You saved me a lot of time.

  12. Thanks..tried many other ways, but this one worked! thank you

  13. Frank Ansola · · Reply

    Thanks. It works for me.

  14. I tried the above options but it says “this error indicates this version of ASP dotnet must first be registered on the machine”

  15. Sarnendu De · · Reply

    Fantastic solution.It worked for me also.
    Sarnendu De

  16. Thanks. It worked for me.

  17. Sudarshan · · Reply

    A Million Thanks. It works! all thumbs UP!!!.

  18. Grande maestro!!, awesome article, even better than the microsoft’s one

  19. […] mackbook y ya no pueda entrar a Ubuntu, preferí seguir la búsqueda por la red y me encontré con este blog en el cual, describen una solución que en lo personal, me funcionó muy […]

  20. Thanks for this solution, wouldnt have figured out. Also I did not need a “.” after the Root/

    Also something was wrong in command 4 if i copied and pasted into command window. But if i typed the same text it worked.

  21. shashank · · Reply

    awesome. i owe you one. whats your paypal account?

    PS: as Vasya mentioned, not need for a dot (.) after the Root/

    thanks a million

    1. Thanks for your valuable reply.

  22. Thanks a lot patriwala. The solution worked well. This really deserves to be in the Microsoft Knowledgebase.

  23. Thanks! Helped a lot.

  24. I ran up to step 4 and it worked!!
    Thanks a lot

  25. Thanks a lot.. it worked for me also but ‘. ‘ is not required after root.

    1. I think this extra dot is due to reflex of adding dot for every line end by British English users

  26. Thanks i had tried many things but this worked fine with no error nor complications.

    Thank you

  27. As others have mentioned, this also worked for me. Thanks.

  28. Gr8 one. short and simple explaination. It worked. Thanks alot.

  29. You’re a wizard!!! I was pulling my hair for hours trying to figure this out. Thank you sooooooo much! My site is up and running now!!! Thank you!!!!

  30. worked like a charm man thankx.

  31. thanks for your solution.. it works fine..

  32. Ashutosh Singh · · Reply

    Very clean solution. worked for me. Thanks!!!

  33. Odnaurus · · Reply

    Finally the answer. Thanks.

  34. Great, thank you. no way to know that without you.

  35. Thanks a lot

  36. Bhramar · · Reply

    Thanks, alot, Gr8 n Very simple solution.

  37. Angel Linares · · Reply

    Thanks for solution.

  38. thank u so much it really works

  39. Thanks a lot… It works very well!!

  40. Sundar Sathana · · Reply

    It is like magic to me. It worked perfect.
    Thanks for posting this solution.

  41. Thanks a lot, It work!!!

  42. Slothy Sakata · · Reply

    Thanks alot. Great post. Still doing its magic three years later. I was that close to quiting ASP.NET in favor of things that have more straightforward deployment. I’m soldiering on thanks to you so..kudos.

  43. I followed your instructions to the letter, but this does not work in Windows XP mode installed in Windows 7 64-bit Professional edition. Please help.

  44. sucharitha · · Reply

    After struggling for a lot of time.it worked .Thanks a lot

  45. Thaks Dear Very Useful thing

  46. Ryan Henning · · Reply

    Many Thanks! This worked! You are awesome!

  47. Cool Dude…you saved my day 🙂 God bless

  48. aisha · · Reply

    you deserve a medal of honor.. how come no one else on the internet had got this right. This guy deserves to be in microsoft

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