Debugging SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedures Using Visual Studio

Steps :

1) Open Visual Studio Interface.

2) Open Server Explorer (short cut key for that is ctrl + alt + S or Go to View Menu and Select) .

3)Now Select you database.

3.1) Right Click On Data Connections.

3.2) Select Add Connection. below interface is open. in Interface fill the below information.

1) Server Name

2) Select whether use Windows Authentication or Sql Server Authentication

3) Select Database From Available List or Attach Database


4) Select Store Procedures. and Add New Store Procedure in it.


5) configure visual studio for debug sql store procedure.

here if you not open any project then open simple project ( i opened web site).

6) select start up option (Open Menu Web Site –> Start Option). Below Interface Is Open.Tick Sql Server.


7) Select Any SP From SP List. and put a break point there.

8 ) right click on the store procedure and Select Step Into Stored Procedure.


9) Now SP Debugging Start.



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