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Database configuration Error on drupal

Hello, I have confused when I entering the right database credentials into the page but page is reload and shows the Database configuration again, without any error. I have start the search and finding that during the installation if you renamed the /sites/default/default.settings.php to  /sites/default/settings.php. Solutions: Copy the Settings File and rename it to default.settings.php. Thnx […]

Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in C:\wamp\www\drupal-6.14\includes\ on line 902

Hello, This message appear because I use latest wamp software that utilize php 5.3.0 where ereg() function is deprecated. Solutions: step 1: Goto Folder Drupal\includes step 2: Select File “” step 3: Goto 902 Line elseif ($depth >= $min_depth && ereg($mask, $file)) { Change the function ereg to mb_ereg elseif ($depth >= $min_depth && mb_ereg($mask, […]