Software Development Company

iBusiness-Management is concentrated development skill based unit, focusing on Internet enabled Business Applications and Solutions development.

We handle SaaS based solutions implementation, management, prioritization, security process implementation, growth pattern analysis, product development and IT wealth management project work.

iBusiness-Management is centrally run on enterprise model and caters to cliche clientele with unique demands. Mostly the services we provide are not rendered effectively by small or medium scale IT companies and or such services not commonly found with large & established Business Solution providers. We act as the GAP fillers and can pick up from the top layer of technical challenges and develop applications from scratch (bespoke applications) and or work with pre-made applications, customize them by taking it off the shelf and serve it in a way that it becomes unique to client demands. Apart from Application Development Services, we have experience integrating various technologies and assembling to function smoothly at enterprise scale. Since we pride ourselves in being visionaries and the fact that business is conducted to serve a niche purpose, we also do basic works such as managing a clients website presence, but this is vast undertaking and requires creative consulting, approach to solving problems.


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